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As of May 2015, we have made the decision to publish our build list to make things as fair and transparent as possible when it comes to wait times. Each project may take 6-10 weeks, although in many cases we will get to your bike project in less time than expected. This is because we have two different framebuilding production lines, as well as numerous machines for processing framebuilding materials. Despite this, we are a small custom frame building company. We are not a large-scale production shop. Custom frame building means that a bike is built one at a time to a customer’s needs. We are often asked to do special projects that have qualities or features that are outside the norm of what a typical production bike traits are. As you can imagine, these types of projects may require extra production time.

In today’s day and age, frame and fork building projects are very complex, unique, and require attention to detail as vertical integration of components into the final design require extra care in framebuilding. Furthermore, many more styles of components and bikes are offered to customers these days than ever before, thus making spec’ing a bike a potentially difficult process, even for pros like us! This means lead times can vary greatly and we will do our best to get frames and forks out to customers in the shortest time that we deem possible, yet still provide quality results. Despite this, our goal with Quiring Cycles is to make the highest quality frames in the World!

Please note, before we will commit to any project, Scott Quiring, the man behind the framebuilding, will also need to approve the nature of the frame and fork building project to make sure it has sensible structural, mechanical, or custom fit features. Framebuilding supplies are also of limited quantities and, for unforeseeable reasons, our suppliers may at times be out of these materials needed to make custom frames and we may need to wait for these items to return to stock. If the project does not make sense and will be of little help to the customer in the end result, we will tell you the project is not something we feel is advantageous for us to take on for the customer. Please feel free to call and talk to Scott about these above issues at 231-464-5611, or e-mail at

How do you get on the Build List?

Once the customer’s project has been vetted during an initial consultation, Quiring Cycles will produce a BikeCAD pro drawing (.PDF) or other 2D CAD drawing of the customer’s bike design (we do not send out drawings for forks). However, one big change in the ordering process is that we now must receive a deposit on a frame before the customer’s drawing is sent out to them. This deposit must serve as a good faith measure that the customer is actually truly interested in purchasing a frame through Quiring Cycles, LLC.

Subsequently, your name will also be put on the build list once a 50% down payment, non-refundable deposit has been received. Frames are built in the order on the list. In other words, work is done on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once a customer has committed to a frame being put into production by agreeing to the final design, no new changes to this design that originate from the customer will be allowed without our approval. While we do understand customers may request a change be made to the design after the frame has gone into the fabrication phase, we would be willing to discuss this with you; however, please keep in mind that this will effect lead times and price.

To get on the build list, please call 1-231-464-5611, or e-mail us at We appreciate serious inquiries only.

Build List

GT – 29er frame ?

MM – DJs

TG – Fork

TC – Steel mtb frame

AS – Titanium frame

BM – Titanium hardtail race

RF – Titanium tandem

AH – Tandem

RW – Road bike / Ti SS

JP – Road bike

RS – Ti drop bar

BY – Steel gravel

TT – Titanium 29+

KW – Ti 29er HT

NS – Ti 29er race HT

JR – Stainless road bike

KS – Titanium SS

AH – Fork

MR – Steel SS ??

Updated on: 04/24/2024